Custom Molded

Rubber Products

M. I. PANAGIOTARAKOS & Co. is a premier supplier of custom molded products. Our proficiency in rubber molding processes combined with our expertise in formulating optimal rubber compounds makes us the ideal supplier for your molded components. M. I. PANAGIOTARAKOS & Co. services span the gamut from prototype part development through high volume molding capabilities. We offer a complete array of Transfer molding and Compression molding services for our customers.

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Rubber Services

M. I. PANAGIOTARAKOS & Co. offers a wide variety of value-added engineering and technical services to meet any customer need. Our company can offer:

• Design assistance
• Compound development
• Prototype services
• Component assemblies
• Special packaging
• Performance testing and evaluation.

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Bonding Rubber

To Substrates

Using up to 20 engineering grade polymers and more than 1000 unique formulations, M. I. PANAGIOTARAKOS & Co. works with you to deliver the best rubber solution possible. Let us develop a propriety custom formula for you using our in-house compound formulation and mixing capabilities.

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