Custom Molded Rubber Services



Component Design Assistance

Our dedicated and highly experienced product design engineers are ready to collaborate with you on providing assistance to ensure successful and timely launch of differentiated solutions.
Our product design engineers conceptualize and evaluate ideas by combining science and technology to create value.
Whether you need help finalizing specifications for your custom part needs or you are ready to discuss a quote for a custom project, we want to hear from you. We can accept Solid Works, Top Solid iges, dfx, dwg and step files. We can also work off prints and sketches faxed to us at


Materials & Compound Formulation Development

Our technical team of qualified rubber technologists are happy to advise which material will be best suited for your application. If necessary we can alter an existing compound we may have or start a new compound development project from scratch by assessing the working conditions of your product. We pride ourselves in being able to formulate bespoke rubber compounds suited to a customer’s particular requirements. However, our standard grades cover most applications, reducing overall costs and delivery times.

Polymer & Material Selection Guide

Prototype Services

Our company offers a unique service to assist customers with product development and selection of appropriate polymers, materials and rubber formulation and a quick, economical way to test designs and ideas in actual working environments – before investing in production molds and tooling. In this way we can achieve an easy and inexpensive modification of molds and tooling to ensure rubber component is ready for production.
The Prototype service can be completed in 10 to 25 working days, after receipt of order, depending on part complexity.

Rubber For The Engineer


Multiple Component Assemblies

In M.I.P. & Co. we provide rubber components that ultimately become part of a larger product. In this case we can save our customers time and money by delivering a multiple component assemply, produced according to their specifications. Our company has the ability to provide rubber components from sub-assemblies to complete units, as required.
Value added assemblies as simple as inserting a washer or disk into a rubber component, or as complex as multiple rubber, plastic and metal components assembled and ready for product installation.


Special Packaging

From simple transport packaging of individual or multiple parts, to packaging of finished components or assemblies for wholesale or retail stocking.
Any type of packaging must comply with international standard ISO 2230:2012 “Rubber products – Guidelines for storage” which provides general instructions on the storage, packaging and preservation of rubber- based parts.


Performance Testing & Evaluation

In many cases, we can create a component prototype and, through static or dynamic testing, evaluate its performance under controlled laboratory conditions. M. I. Panagiotarakos & Co. can also produce short initial runs to evaluate a component under real world conditions before committing to full production. Such tests can yield valuable data; that in turn leads to ways to further improve the component's design, formulation, or manufacturing process.